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We always love to fly, and all our favorite and essential items make it into our luggage while we fly. It is often common for items of belongings to just get lost or even robbed. For any traveler, this is the greatest fear as they miss out on those necessary as well as expensive things.

Luggage became one place that’ll get you worked up if you keep traveling on job and company. When on holiday, what we want to do is relax and calm our minds and bodies, rather than think about missing and misplacing baggage.

AirBolt Smart Lock analysis will give you a thorough overview of the tool, the functionality, and the advantages of getting this product.

What’s a Smart Lock AirBolt?

Science and Technology have taken us into an era of smartphones, voice-managed devices, smart tools, and home-based Bluetooth-controlled technology devices. Technology has equipped us with the AirBolt Smart Lock, which has enabled the use of new locking device technologies.

In this apparatus, no conventional locking mechanisms are used. With the assistance of Bluetooth, this device works, and the key has to be attached to a smartphone. That’s how it can protect and open the door. 

Characteristics of AirBolt Smart Lock System

1. New Innovation

The AirBolt Smart lock has taken advantage of new technologies and does not use conventional ways of locking. The device can be worked on the smartphone via the mobile app and Bluetooth installation. Android, as well as iOS, are compliant with it.

2. No requirement for passwords or keys

There is a need to memorize passwords or note them down by using traditional locking techniques; otherwise, you’ll have to keep a record of all the passwords. Consequently, when you start to find the correct key to unlock your baggage or locker, finding multiple keys can be very overwhelming and messy. 

3. Numerous Locks

Indeed. Yes. For your luggage, wallet, backpacks, door locks, etc., you will get numerous locks. All you need is an ios app to control all your locks.

4. It is possible to share the link

Regardless of how many individuals use the smart lock, any friend or relative who owns the lock will share access to the AirBolt Smart lock. Safety and permission-related lock settings must be enabled using a smartphone device.

5. The Warning Message

A Bluetooth lock is the Airbolt Smart lock, which deals with a security mechanism that warns you if someone tries to steal your baggage. This aspect is very convenient as you don’t need to keep a tab on your things continuously.

6. Alerts concerning Unlocking

The lock has a mechanism where, once the smart lock is opened, the user is informed, and it also tells you the time by which the baggage has remained opened.

7. The 128-bit security of AES

AES 128 bit encryption is included in the AirBolt Smart lock, close to those used by different banks to secure their assets and records. This system guarantees at all times that your baggage is protected

8. TSA Certified

The AirBolt smart lock has earned TSA certification. TSA even has its master button that allows the suitcase or closet or wallet to be opened, and so forth.

9. No Energy

The AirBolt Smart lock’s battery is refillable. So, even though the lock has several features, without the need for its particular quality to allow the use of electricity. The batteries can only be charged once every year, and you’re ready to use them. 

What is the Cost of AirBolt?

When you shop from the official website, if you order in bulk, you get some excellent discounts and offers. If you purchase 2 AirBolt machines, for example, you will be provided one device free of charge, and so on. If the item is faulty and in a useless state, you can still return the same within 30 days of delivery.


1. The intelligent lock makes use of new technologies.

2. You don’t need to store passwords and hold a lot of keys.

2. The device comes with a well-built stainless steel braided cord.

3. It has its device program that is cost-free on Android or iOS.

4. The smart lock is TSA-approved for

5. This software offers exceptional protection.

6. The safety features with a die-cast metallic framework.

7. To show the connection to Bluetooth, it has LED indicators

8. It has a warning mechanism

9. Approach to the lock may be exchanged

 10. It works as a travel tracking device.

11. Only suited to tourists or someone with lots of locks to look after

12. The manual unlocking function is available, which helps to extract the handset from the battery.


  1. The transmission interference of this lock often slows to a crawl of the app’s output.

The unit also deals with automatic unlocking, which is handy when your handset is turned off because of no charge or Bluetooth problems. This lock also has some impressive characteristics, like extended battery life, creative lock / unlock method, TSA clearance, mutual access, and the built-in tracker. This lock will be used to look after your backpacks, purses, closets, etc.


It would be best if you put your hands on an AirBolt Smart Lock for all the travelers out there. It is a system that, on any travel, the tour will eventually be your companion.  


How does the Smart Lock AirBolt Work?

It is swift and convenient to set this system up. The software must be downloaded by the customer and activated on their mobile-Android or iPhone.  The user must build an identity on it after posting this then; they can access and monitor the smart lock.
For the lock to recognize the key user unit and unlock and lock correctly, the configuration must be done.

Is AirBolt suitable for me if I travel a lot?

The AirBolt Smart Lock is a perfect system for travelers and individuals with multiple combination locks to treat.

Can I use Airbolt with all phones?

You, you can. The AirBolt and modern phones use Bluetooth 4.0 connection which allows them to be connected.

What is the Best Gift for Your Travel Buddy – AirBolt
What is the Best Gift for Your Travel Buddy – AirBolt
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