Aquavault FlexSafe Review : The Best Gift for Travelling Partner



While you are having the best time of your life outdoors, there may be a robbery in progress at your place back home. The burglars may steal away your phone, wallet, or other valuables if you leave them unattended. You can think of having someone to watch the things while you are away.

It is the most basic measure against theft and mighty effective, but at what cost? The person left behind for overseeing has to sacrifice all the fun that you are having at his cost. However, there is another alternative to safeguard your valuables. The solution to your problem lies with a portable safe called Aquavault FlexSafe.

Buying Guide for Portable Safe

There isn’t any scarcity of portable safes in the market. You can easily find cheap ones anywhere you look. However, choosing the best in the market requires an eye to recognize quality and characteristics. If you are wondering what those characteristics are, rest assured; we are here to help. Below mentioned are some of the key characteristics a good portable safe must possess. 

1: Brand name

The marketplace is flooded with different brands providing the same product. The products may seem all the same, but there is often a huge difference in features offered by different brands. Some companies hold a specialty in manufacturing these portables safes.

Their products are on a better level than those which are there to make up for competition. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the best brand from the flurry available in the market. Identifying and choosing an already established brand name can prove a wise choice in almost every case.


Storage space is a vital component one must keep in view when selecting a safe case. The case must have adequate storage capacity to suit your requirements. This is where identification of your needs becomes vital too. Once you have a figure in mind, you can easily select the portable safe best fitting your needs. If you compromise the storage capacity and go all-in on the safety mechanisms only, the safe will be good for nothing as most of your belongings will remain unattended. 

3: Cost

Usually, the safes under discussion aren’t much expensive. They don’t cost you huge amounts unless you decide to go for a technologically advanced one. The best way to select a fitting safe within your budgetary boundaries is to shortlist the ones which suit your preferences and fall in the preferred price range. Then you can compare and easily select the best possible option 

Why should you choose Aquavault FlexSafe

While you stroll around freely, the possibility of a snatcher snatching away your phone or wallet is always there. Be it the table of a café or a roadside shop where you stopped to purchase the daily accessories, and your belongings are always at some degree of risk.

The portable safe under discussion can ensure those belongings’ safety as it is fully secure and password encrypted. You can spend your leisure time at the places you love without being concerned about the safety of your belongings.

FlexSafe product

The FlexSafe portable case has taken the market by storm. It impressed the masses to such extent that it even made it to the columns of Forbes, Good Morning America, ABC, Shark Tank, and Today.

This review is based on personal experience, and the facts mentioned about the product are courtesy of repeated usage of the product. Keep reading the review to know more about the authenticity of claims regarding the product.

Ensure the safety of your belongings by choosing the Aquavault FlexSafe now!

The portable safe is a valuable asset for travel purposes. You can easily make up for your belongings’ safety and security by picking this safe even when you are traveling. You can easily tie this safe to a standing object such as a pole or a chair. The multi-layered slash-resistant build of the product makes it highly reliable in terms of toughness and durability. Also, the RIFD blocking feature adds to the security of your electronic possessions.

On the surface, this case looks like a simple belt bag. However, when you take a deep look at the features, which you will find as we move further into the review, this case’s real value as a must-have gadget for travel becomes evident.

FlexSafe mobile travel safely

The FlexSafe product doesn’t only provide for your belongings; it also adds to the serenity and calm of the mind. You can enjoy your time strolling outdoors without being concerned about the security of your valuables. All of your gang or family can travel together and have unhindered fun as the need for a person standing guard is eliminated. Despite being a newcomer and emergent product, it has shown promise, and it should make a quick name in the market.

Features and Advantages

Here are the key features of the Aquavault FlexSafe product:

  • Multi-layer material: This mobile safe comprises five layers to ensure maximum security with slash-resistant safety. Added to the inner nylon lining, the topmost layer of the material is made out of nylon, slash-proof fabrics, RIFD blocking components, and an EVA foam of 3 mm. The tough build makes this product waterproof and scratch proof too.
  • Portable safe: The FlexSafe case is suitable for travel as well. It can be easily tied to an erect object like a pole or maybe even a bike. You can also wear it as a shoulder or belt bag, whichever you deem fit. Its outer pockets can store random items and provide easy access.
  • Travel safe: the locking mechanism of this safe makes it highly secure and preferable for travel. Its material is highly slashed resistant and does not corrode, making it fire, rust, and waterproof. The lock can only open with a password of 3 digits; therefore, you don’t have to stress yourself about the safety of your valuables while traveling.
  • Lightweight: the material used in building the FlexSafe is very durable and light-weighted at the same time. You can easily move it anywhere you wish to without making it look like a case containing valuables.
  • RIFD Blocking: the RIFD blocking feature is very efficient against electronic pickpocketing. It blocks out all the attempts on your belongings and provides for the security of your credit/debits cards, licenses, and passports, etc. from transmitting your details to cybercriminals.
  • Water-resistant: The nylon used in the material to build this safe makes it waterproof. Hence, you can carry it around beaches as well.
  • Cost: If compared to the number of features it offers, this safe cost isn’t placed too high. You can buy it from retail shops for $59.99 per unit, added to handling and shipping charges. There are hefty discount packages available if you purchase more than a single unit. If you buy one unit, you can get 25% off on the second unit. If you buy two units, the third is offered at a discount of 75%. Both these deals offer free shipping wide USA.

Lock to Any Fixed Object:

  • Set the lock combination. 
  • Place the items inside the safe
  • Zip the bag properly 
  • Attach the bag to a static object by wrapping it around it
  • Put the lock into effect 
  • Enter the passkey if you wish to open the bag

Where to use? 

  • Theme parks
  • Cruises 
  • Beach
  • Hospital
  • Camp 
  • Water park

How can a bag protect someone’s valuables?

While some consumers may think that this device needs to be cut open to retrieve their items, it isn’t that easy. Made with Ultra High Modular Weight Polyethylene, it can’t just be sliced open by someone walking by. The creators refrain from calling it impenetrable, but the difficulty to open it is meant to be a deterrent from nearby thieves.

How big is the FlexSafe bag?

The maximum width of the bottom of the bag is 3 inches, while it reaches up to 5” width at the top. It is 7” long from top to bottom.

Pricing Policy 

This safe is very affordable and cost-efficient. Its features entirely justify its price tag. The manufacturers promise durability, and that is exactly what you get. It is entirely safe from any theft attempt or other damages such as corrosion, etc.

If you reside in the USA, you can avail of free delivery while the non-US residents have to pay $50-$70 for delivery. The shipping charges are also subject to change as per the merchant website policy. 


  • Fool-proof safety with combination lock 
  • Durability and slash-resistant build
  • Water-resistant, rust and fireproof
  • Can be fixed to any erect object
  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Highly portable and mobile


  • Number gears of combination lock could be bigger 


It is fair to rate this FlexSafe product a maximum of 5 stars. It is suitable both indoors as well as outdoors. The astounding array of features it has to offer only adds to your convenience. The premium quality safety of your valuables is very appreciable and eye-catching.

While this safe may provide for absolute safety, you shouldn’t rely on it entirely. Sometimes, you have to put in manual effort to ensure maximum safety. You can’t just throw your things around the park and trust a case to ensure their security. Overall, this Aquavault FlexSafe mobile safe is a must-have tool, especially when you are traveling.


What is the FlexSafe all about?

It is a mobile travel safe designed to keep your valuables secure and prevent any thefts.

I forgot the code, is there a master unlock code? 

It isn’t that much of a problem. All you have to do is contact the customer support service. Once they verify your identity, they will provide you the password. To make sure that you don’t lose it time and again, it’s a good idea to save the combination in your smartphone or note it down somewhere else. This way, you can access it whenever you tend to forget the combination. Also, try not to make the combination hard to remember in the first place. Simple and easy things work out better sometimes. 

What if users want to protect their items at home with FlexSafe?

Not a problem. The unique design offers portability at home or away from it, providing substantially less bulk and weight than a traditional safe. It is easy to hide away, and it can protect many different items at the same time.

Aquavault FlexSafe Review : The Best Gift for Travelling Partner
Aquavault FlexSafe Review : The Best Gift for Travelling Partner
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