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Aculief Review
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Are you someone who suffers from some really intense headaches? Are these headaches unbearable and reach a point where even your medications do not appear to work on it and make you feel better? If yes, these intense headaches are called migraines. Many times, we might get a headache, but it reduces in a while and after some time, you do not experience any pain. On the other hand, migraines can last for a long time, maybe a few hours and sometimes even a day or more. There are a lot of medicines available to treat migraines in addition to treatments.

However, all of these do not get rid of migraines completely. Aculief is a gadget that could possibly be a great solution to migraine. This tiny gadget has been in use for quite some time and this device functions pretty well on migraines. When you use Aculief, you must make note of the instructions mentioned and you will see how quickly your migraine vanishes.

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Migraine – What is it?

Migraines are headaches that vary in intensity and is most of the time accompanied by sensitivity to sound, light and smell. You also feel nauseated when you get a severe migraine. Many times, the migraines have a few warning symptoms. The triggers to migraine could be changes in hormones, specific food items or drinks, everyday stress and also exercise. Migraines could lead to throbbing in a specific area which can be of varying intensities. Preventive as well as pain-relieving medication which can assist in managing these migraine headaches. When you have a migraine, you will experience severe throbbing pain and even a pulsing sensation, which takes place on just one side of your head.

A Migraine attack can last for a couple of hours to even a couple of days, and your regular activities can get affected by the pain caused by a migraine. Stress is also a trigger for migraines as well as tension-type headaches. Certain major life-changing events such as getting married, becoming a parent, or shifting to a new house, could lead to stress. However, even simple stress faced in daily life situations is the reason behind headaches.

So, how is a headache different from a migraine?

Headache is a bit different from a migraine. It leads to pain in your face, head or the upper neck. The intensity and frequency of headaches can vary. On the other hand, a migraine is referred to as a primary headache disorder which can be very painful. Generally, migraines produce symptoms which are very acute and debilitating in contrast to headaches. A migraine comes in four different phases and not everyone might experience all these phases.

The Launch of Aculief

When Jon Doogan was a student in college, he understood the power that lies in acupressure. Once, Jon has complained of having a headache and his friend advised Jon to pinch on the LI4 acupressure point on the palm of the right hand.  Initially, Jon doubted the authenticity of this information and found it to be very weird. Nevertheless, he gave it a go and was surprised at the instant relief this little advice gave him. Jon began informing other people about this specific acupressure point and its various benefits.

But, there were some shortcomings related to the application of pressure in this area. The main issues were related to not applying consistent pressure, soreness in the thumbs, and one would have to make use of both hands so as to apply the required pressure. This technique can be applied by a person on his own. However, after a certain amount of time, your thumb starts hurting and you experience soreness. Furthermore, your hand begins to get exhausted from this activity and this can have an impact on the effectiveness of pressure. Due to this exhaustion, a person might not be applying the right amount of pressure and the entire process will lead to wasting time and energy.

What Is Aculief All about?

If it has to be explained in very simple terms, Aculief is a tiny device that can be worn and it helps an individual get relief from a headache. The devices utilize the natural pressure points of a person’s body. The device does not need the usage of any medication or drugs. There is a specific acupressure point in the body that is present in between your thumb and your index finger. This is called the  LI4 pressure point. This is a point which assists in activating the endorphins in a person’s body. The Endorphins released can get rid of the tension in your body and this helps in relieving you of a headache or migraine.

This acupressure point is the place where you must clip the Aculief device. The device could be used similar to that of medicine which is consumed whenever you suffer from a headache. The very instant that you feel that a headache is going to hit you, the Aculief has to be put in the acupressure point, post which you need not worry about taking painkillers. By having a single Aculief device, you can make sure that you never get headaches again. It can be worn on your hand very easily especially it can be placed on the hand which you do not use regularly.

How Does Aculief device work?

Yes, after understanding the functioning of the device, Aculief sounds just like a dream! As per the research that is being conducted on the device, it is understood that Aculief uses a technique that resembles the technique which was used in some very conventional Chinese medicines for years together, in order to give relief to people from headaches. Though modern medicine has introduced a lot of new methods, techniques, and medicines, Aculief is much more cleaner, safer and the individual need not take medicines while using this device.

The NCCAM states that about 500+ studies have been conducted on Aculief and they have come to the conclusion that this device uses a method that is not just safe but also effective. John Hopkins University also held a study wherein it was observed that in case the LI4  acupressure point is stimulated in the right manner, it can help in getting rid of jaw pain, headaches, bone pain, toothache, eye pain and pain in limbs quite effectively.

How Long Should you wear this device?

Aculief is a device that is very safe and it gives you an effective treatment of your headache. The device can be worn for any duration. You can wear this on the LI4 pressure point all the time or wear it for a short period of time. Also, wear this device on the hand which is not used for work. The device definitely makes you feel good in a few minutes and you will not need your painkiller medication again.

Who is Aculief best suited for?

Aculief is good for all those people who suffer from migraines or even headaches frequently. It is the best choice when you experience regular migraines. For those who wish to get rid of the extra medication and painkillers for headaches and migraines, you can switch over to this tiny yet effective device, which works by using the acupressure point. You can use it for as less as 15 minutes and instantly you will feel the difference by way of relief from the headache. However, in case you are a pregnant woman experiencing migraines and you wish to use this device, it is advised that you do not use Aculief as there are chances of the device inducing contractions. In short, anyone can use this device, except for pregnant women.

Where Can I Buy the Aculief Device?

It is always recommended to buy the Aculief device from the official website. As counterfeits can be sold on various other websites or prices could also be hiked up for the device. Furthermore, the official website always gives you some amazing deals on the device. For instance, in case you wish to buy the product in a huge quantity, the manufacturer will offer you additional discounts, thereby bringing down the cost of one product by a huge amount.

In addition to this, the manufacturer will ship the device to your address free of cost. The manufacturer also gives you the option of returning the product within 60 days of purchase, in case you are not satisfied with it and you get a full refund of your purchase.

Information about the manufacturer

Pros and Cons of Aculief

  • Once you begin taking Aculief, there will be no need to take medications that have potential side effects.
  • Provides faster relief
  • Offers relaxation and reduces stress
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • It can be worn anywhere and all the time even while playing sports.
  • It is not a recognized remedy for migraines.
  • If you are being treated by a doctor for migraines or serious headache issues, it won’t serve as a substitute for doctor visits.


We all suffer from occasional headaches. Many of us might be bestowed with the throbbing and painful migraines. Most of the time, we might end up with a pain killer or two to get rid of the pain. Sometimes, sleep is the best therapy that can help you get rid of the migraine. However, migraine does not just give a lot of pain, but it drains you completely of your energy and it becomes tough to get back to working normally after a bout of migraine. We forget simple and age-old therapies like acupressure which actually make use of the pressure points on the body to ease the pain and get rid of it. Aculief is such device that has combined technology with traditional acupressure and helps in getting rid of migraines as well as regular headaches.

 The device is natural, safe and is proved to provide instant relief from a migraine. A lot of organizations have conducted research on this device and have also tested it to prove that the device works effectively. The device is recommended to those who suffer from occasional headaches, regular migraines, and wish to get rid of the medication and opt for a natural, effective and safe method. If you fall into this category of people, get your Aculief device right now and experience the difference!

Aculief Review [2022]- Unique gadget to relieve you of Migraines
Aculief Review [2022]- Unique gadget to relieve you of Migraines

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