Activ8 Fitness Tracker Review: Tracks your Health 24*7

In today’s era, smartwatches and fitness tracker bracelets have become very trendy. Apart from not only being stylish and comfortable, but they are also featured with health benefits too. Activ8 Fitness Tracker is all that you would need.

At present, the Activ8 Fitness tracker comes with advanced features that help individuals to know about the functioning of the body in real-time. Most of them consist of a heart rate monitor, calculator, Bluetooth, calories burnt, and many other features. These features are extremely use-full of fitness freaks as it helps them to track down their daily report.

Today we will unleash the Activ8 Fitness Tracker and superb highly featured product with comfy attractive design trending in the market. Read this review of Activ8 Fitness Tracker to know why this device is perfectly needed by you, and if you are a fitness freak, you definitely feel it worth it.

What is Activ8 Fitness Tracker

The brand new Active8 comes with a swim-proof fully waterproof, wider, touch screen, and especially added spO2 sensor, that enables you to diagnose breathing disturbance while working out and sleeping with a battery that lasts a week. With the help of your smartphone, it connects through GPS, where you can keep more precise track of your fitness. 

It is a value for money deal.

From counting your steps while cycling and running to swims and laps in pools and hocking yoga etc. everything will be taken care of with this tracker.

The watch not only identifies your start of a workout but also gives you retroactive credits for being late your missing your workout. A highly featured smart-watch that reduces the carrying of smart-phones everywhere you workout, Activ8 is all you need to buy. 

Activity and rest or sleep monitoring solution for:

·        Researching

·        Physiotherapy

·        Clinical therapy  

·        Industry

Benefits of Activ8 Fitness Tracker

Ø  REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN -discreet display and crystal touch screen

Ø  GUARDED DISPLAY – vanish when not in use

Ø  ELEVATE WRIST HEART RATE – evaluates heart rate 24\7 and gives freedom from another unnecessary heart rate strap.

Ø  DISPLAY SIZE: 0.38’’ X 00.76 ‘’

Ø  FITNESS CHECK- enhances better insight in your present fitness in cooperation with vo2 plus fitness age.

Ø  NOTIFICATION – stay updated to the notification.

Ø  AUDIO NOTIFICATION – receives audio various prompts from smartphone and laptop


Ø  TRACKS ACTIVITIES – tracks calories, heart rate, steps distance, etc

Ø  INTELLIGENCE – automatically review daily activities trudging activities


Why Go For Activ8 Fitness Tracker

To have your wellness comfort journey, the Activ8 fitness tracker consists of features that collect information on your daily activity levels, to ease your wristband advance feature, and a wealth of data gathering and interpreting options are provided inside. The Activ8 fitness tracker is highly practical and comes with very tempting stylish designs, wearable and easy to handle for 24/7 helps you to keep a check on your daily work out, sleep, weight loss routine, plus it has the ability to work on your needs.

What all can be done with Activ8 Fitness Tracker?

Ø  MONITORING SLEEP- to get u a comfortable nap this tracker comes with a silent alarm that vibrates on your wrist without disturbing others with different light sleep indications that let you know a quality nap.

Ø  HEART RATE EVALUATION -tracker consist of an advanced heart rate monitor you can have your own heart rate zone and your max heart rate elongate on your willingness. Also, it has an inbuilt pedometer and sedentary reminders to have a check on the heart rate diagram after exercise and workouts.

Ø  UPDATED NOTIFICATION – Get yourself connected to your smartphone and never miss any notification from twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or miss any call when your device is away from you

Ø  SEDENTARY REMINDERS – To make your lifestyle healthier it give you a reminder if you are sitting for too long.

Ø  CAMERA– Get your photo clicked just by shaking your watch and there is no need to touch your phone.

Ø  BRIGHTNESS CONTROL — You can adjust and adapt your screen brightness according to your need .crystal screen makes your battery more optimized.

Know the Importance of Body Functions

To live your life long, you need to take care of your health first. To make your body fit for and to lead a healthy lifestyle you must go with the Activ8 Fitness Tracker.

By knowing any disturbance or any abnormality in your body in the early stage may help you recover it fast than compared to when it’s too late. Heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, etc are serious illnesses; you can prevent it by adding a daily amount of easy workout schedule and maintain a proper level of fitness every day.

 Not being concerned about your health can be very dangerous; people who are very busy may not get time for being fit. Activ8 Fitness Tracker is built to remind them of fitness in a daily busy lifestyle

And keep track of proper daily activities.

What Makes it Different from Others

A discreet touch screen display is featured by this voguish hybrid fitness tracker which precisely shows time, messages, heart rate, and more on dynamically swiping its screen. All-day stress tracking, steps, and calories including wellness are monitored accurately.

When you take a k look at your wristwatch the smart display will come into view. The screen interchanges with the watch hand to the work required to do and automatically returns to the watch’s hands when you are done.

Main Functions of Activ8 Fitness Tracker

Ø  Heartbeat monitoring

Ø  Pulse monitoring

Ø  Blood pressure monitoring

Ø  Tracking sleeping hobbits

Ø  Updating for smartphones notification

Ø  Astonishing display

Ø  Fast and smooth working

Ø  Certified by IP67 with fully waterproof technology


People participate in a lot of activities like walking, jogging, running, yoga, fitness classes, racket sports, etc and all they need is a device that gathers data altogether. This winsome wristband collects data in it accurately and even the detailed analysis of each exercise is available on the Very fit Pro App


Activ8, which is far more than simply a step counter collects all the information one needs to make an informed decision about his/her exercise choices. The function of the wristband is to collect information on calories burned, heart rate, miles covered, steps taken, and sleep on an everyday basis. Over time, one can also spot longer-term trends of assembled data.

It not only enables the accountability of an individual towards itself but also sanctions you to make appropriate adjustments to speed up the progress towards your goal. Data is present in a user-friendly design that’s straight forward to access and to use.

Select Activ8 Fitness Tracker and Feel the Difference

The amazing role of this gadget has gained attention from many people across the globe. Once used, it lets you face the real aesthetic of your body by capturing the data continuously. If you are ready to control your fitness or to help someone on their journey to achieve fitness goals, then the Activ8 fitness tracker can be your excellent investment.  To start seeing the benefits, order your tracker now!

From Where can you buy Activ8 Fitness Tracker

Place an order right away to make the most of the amazing deals which are available on this device for a limited time period only. 

Visit the manufacturer’s website and get a 50% discount on your order placed. And in addition to this enjoy free shipping.


Activ8 fitness tracker is a supreme product with quality function with superb accuracy. From the official website of the manufacturer, you will be learning more interesting information about this tracker. It is a smart idea to invest in this. Place your order right away.



How should I charge my fitness tracker?

 It comes with a built-in USB dongle and there is no need for a separate charger. You will have to plug in the gadget in the USB port and charge it.

Do you wish to monitor heart rate?

 This is definitely one of those features which are simply superb. But not everyone requires different kinds of heart rate monitors.

It Activ8 suitable for water aerobics?

There is no denying the fact that Activ8 is fantastic for Zumba training and water aerobics.


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